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Communications Audit

Organization Name: Sask Arts Board
Position Title: Communications Audit
Location: Regina
Position Term: Part Time, Term
Closing Date: 10-Jun-2019


Saskatchewan Arts Board 
Communications Audit 
Release Date May 7, 2019 
Closing Date June 10, 2019 
Closing Time 4:30 pm, Saskatchewan time 

1.0 Introduction 
The Saskatchewan Arts Board provides funding and support to the arts for the benefit of all people in Saskatchewan. We provide grants, programs and services to individuals and groups whose activities have an impact on the arts in Saskatchewan and ensure that opportunities exist for Saskatchewan residents to engage in all art forms. The Arts Board also provides awards for outstanding achievement in the arts and collects and displays works of art by Saskatchewan artists. 
Additional information on the Arts Board can be found at 

2.0 Project Overview 
As per our new Strategic Directions (see 2.1, Background), the Arts Board wants to enhance our external communications to ensure stakeholders are appropriately informed and engaged. We seek a consultant to undertake a comprehensive communications audit of the agency. The audit will review the current status of our brand and communications work and make recommendations regarding ways in which our activities could be improved, enhanced, and/or supplemented. 
Specifically, the consultant will: 
• Analyze the effectiveness of current Arts Board communication tactics and vehicles. This could include quantitative (i.e. statistical methods, Google analytics, social media analytics) and qualitative analysis (i.e. face-to-face interviews, observation, analysis of documents and materials). 
• Evaluate the effectiveness of existing brand, visual identity and communications strategies and their impact on stakeholders’ knowledge, perceptions and attitudes of the Arts Board. As above, this evaluation could include both quantitative or qualitative analysis. 
• Compare Arts Board communications practices with industry standards and/or best practices at similar organizations. 
• Prepare a report for Arts Board management and directors outlining the results of the audit and providing recommendations for future activity. 

The Saskatchewan Arts Board will supply samples of existing promotional materials and communications, including the new Strategic Directions document and current communications strategy as well as access to website and social media analytics. 
The maximum budget for this project is $18,000; consultants are asked to submit a budget reflecting their time and costs. Although the proposed budget will be among the factors considered when selecting the consultant, factors related to experience and proposed methodologies will also be considered are equally important. 
The consultant will report to the Chief Executive Officer of the Arts Board and will work closely with the agency’s Communications Strategist. 

2.1 Background 
In 2019, the Saskatchewan Arts Board is releasing our new Strategic Directions, which include championing the arts. “The Arts Board will continue to take a leadership role in fearlessly advocating for Saskatchewan art and artists. We will promote the value of a thriving arts sector and increase the appreciation and understanding of the arts in the province.” 
In this area of our work, we hope to prioritize using effective messages, platforms and partners to improve how we tell the stories of the arts community, as well as advocating for the value of public arts funding to the public and to policy makers. If successful, Arts Board communication initiatives will focus on celebrating the arts community in addition to promoting our own activities, and people will in Saskatchewan place greater value on the arts in society. 
The complete Strategic Directions document will be released on the Arts Board website in late May 2019. 

2.2 Project Duration 
As noted below, it is our intention to award the contract to the successful consultant by late June/early July 2019. The timetable for the work can be developed at the discretion of the selected consultant and Arts Board staff, but it is anticipated that all work on this contract would be complete by November 2019. 

2.3 Qualifications of Consultant 
Required Skills: 
• knowledge of leading practices in communications 
• previous experience in conducting communications audits 
• ability to work with minimum supervision 
• ability to set and meet deadlines and work effectively 
• goal-oriented, positive attitude 
• knowledge of the arts sector 
• knowledge of public sector funding agencies 

3.0 Schedule of Events 
The following is a schedule of events in the RFP process, which is subject to change. Dates for milestones after the closing date are provided as target dates only. Best efforts will be applied to meet these dates; however, they may change. Where dates change, notice of those changes will be provided 
If revisions to any part of this RFP, exclusive of any changes to the schedule of events, are necessary after the closing date, short-listed consultants will then be notified and have an opportunity to refine, submit or resubmit their proposals. 
• RFP Release Date: May 7, 2019 
• RFP Closing Date and Time: June 10, 2019 
4:30 pm, Saskatchewan time 
• Tentative Interview Date: week of June 17, 2019 
• Tentative Selection Date: late June/early July 2019 
4.0 Proposal Submissions 
An electronic copy (via email) of your proposal should be forwarded, before 4:30 pm on June 10, 2019, to: 
Saskatchewan Arts Board Attn: Sabrina Cataldo, Communications Strategist Email:

The time for closing of proposals will be determined by the time shown on the time and date stamp as received by email. 
Proposals received after the closing time will not be considered. Submitted proposals will become the property of the Saskatchewan Arts Board and will not be returne

5.0 Inquiries 
Inquiries regarding this competition are to be directed, via email, to: 
Sabrina Cataldo, Communications Strategist Saskatchewan Arts Board 
Consultants should make inquiries as early as possible and should not make assumptions regarding the nature of the requirements of the RFP. 
Consultants who fail to raise issues and questions they may have during the RFP period do so at their own risk. Inquiries can be made via email only to 
Consultants must recognize that certain proprietary information may not be released to anyone other than the successful consultant(s). 
The Arts Board assumes no responsibility or liability arising from information obtained in a means other than those prescribed in this RFP.
5.1 Conflict of Interest 
Suppliers are to fully disclose, in writing to the Saskatchewan Arts Board on or before the closing date of the RFP, the circumstances of any actual or potential conflict of interest, as well as what could be perceived as a conflict of interest if the supplier were to become a contracting party pursuant to the RFP. The Arts Board will review all disclosures made by suppliers under this provision and take such steps as it, in its sole discretion, deems necessary to address any conflict, which may include requiring the supplier to take action to address and remedy the conflict of interest to the satisfaction of the Arts Board or disqualifying the supplier from further participation. 

6.0 Proposal Response Format 
To ensure a proposal is considered for evaluation it should include all the information requested and be presented in the order described below. 
Responses containing references to documents and/or websites in lieu of providing the requested information will result in the proposal being rejected. 

6.1 Title Page 
This first page should reference this RFP and include the supplier’s contact information as follows. 
• Legal company name: 
• Business Name Registration Number (if applicable): 
• Company Address: 
• Contact name: 
• Contact phone number: 
• Contact e-mail address: 

6.2 Letter of Introduction 
One page of introduction which should be dated and signed by an official authorized to negotiate, make commitments and provide clarifications with respect to the proposal. 

6.3 Executive Summary 
Provide a summary of the key features of your proposal including a summary fee schedule. 

6.4 Consultant Profile 
Provide a brief introduction of your company including: 
• length of time in business 
• location of head office and any sub-offices 
• a description of the consultant’s experience within the last three (3) years that demonstrates o a full understanding of the expected outcomes and proven 
capacity to meet expectations within a limited timeframe o proven experience in providing these services to other 
organizations within the last five (5) years 
• details regarding any sub-contracting or partnership arrangements. 

6.5 Proposed Approach 
Provide a detailed description of your proposed approach to meet the requirements as stated in 2.0 of this RFP. 
The description should include your understanding of the project requirements as well as outline any creative alternatives, opportunities or innovations that may be beneficial to the project. 
Identify any assumptions that you have considered in proposing your solution, particularly those related to support and/or materials required from Arts Board staff. 

6.6 Project Work Plan and Timelines 
Provide a detailed work plan that includes: 
• the estimated start and end dates for each phase of the project 
• delivery of research (if any) and recommendations 
• conclusions and recommendations. 

6.7 Proposed Staffing Resources 
Provide name, location and role of resources proposed to be part of your response to this RFP. Include a summary of relevant assignment(s) and responsibilities, including an explanation on how the past projects are relevant to this project. In addition, please provide an indication of strengths the proposed resource will bring to the project. 

6.8 Detailed Project Costs 
Complete and detailed description of budget and fees for the services required as outlined in this document. All prices quotes must be in Canadian funds. 
Please note: The Saskatchewan Arts Board is a GST exempt entity. Therefore, it is the supplier’s responsibility to ensure the agency is not charged GST. PST, if applicable, shall be included.

7.0 Interview 
Short-listed consultants may be required to attend an interview with officials of the Arts Board. The evaluation team will ask questions about the contents of the proposal or presentation/demonstration for clarification purposes. Clarifications made by the consultant during the interview/presentation will become part of the consultant’s proposal and may be included in any contract negotiations. 

7.1 Reference Checks (If Required) 
The evaluation may consist of completing reference checks for the consultant and/or their proposed resources and sub-contractors (if applicable). 
The Arts Board reserves the right to contact any of the supplier’s customers who the Arts Board believes may be able to provide information about the supplier that would be pertinent to this RFP. Any such information received will be considered to be a reference check. 
The Arts Board reserves the right to conduct reference checks at any time during the RFP process. 
The Arts Board reserves the right to eliminate a supplier with bad references. 

8.0 Contractual Agreement 
The Saskatchewan Arts Board will negotiate a contractual agreement with the preferred supplier. If the Arts Board is unable to negotiate an acceptable contractual agreement with the preferred supplier, then the second preferred supplier may be selected and a formal written contractual agreement will be developed. In any case, the Arts Board, at any time and without liability, may withdraw from negotiations with any potential supplier. 

9.0 Terms and Conditions 
Any proposal that contains conditions that are contrary to, or inconsistent with, the RFP document may be rejected at the discretion of the Saskatchewan Arts Board. 
The Saskatchewan Arts Board will not be responsible for any costs incurred by any respondent to this RFP in preparing and submitting their responses and/or attending the interview/presentation. The Arts Board accepts no liability of any kind to any investment advisor unless, and until, its response is accepted and a formal agreement is negotiated. 
The Arts Board reserves the right to waive minor non-compliance by any company with the requirements of this RFP. This will allow the Arts Board to consider and possibly accept any response which is advantageous to it even though the response may be non-compliant in some minor respect. 
The Arts Board reserves the right to accept or reject, in whole or in part, any or all responses or to cancel and/or re-issue this RFP at any time, for any reason, without penalty.

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