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Interested in joining IABC Regina? Or are you already a member and want to volunteer with us? We’d love to hear from you. 

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Interested in increasing your profile and network with over 275 IABC Regina members and friends who are the best in Communications, PR, Marketing, Writing, Media Relations and Interactive?

Breakout Sessions

Dare to Lead 2018 is an amazing professional development opportunity and an awesome way to build your network of IABC leaders across the west. 

For our breakout sessions, you get to choose from three different tracks – or mix and match - according to your individual interests: 

TRACK ONE: Leadership and Strategy 
Speakers and presentations designed to build your leadership potential and help you be more strategic.

TRACK TWO: Communications 
Speakers and presentations designed to help sharpen your communication skills and position you for success. 

TRACK THREE: Board Management 
Speakers and presentations designed to help you understand how chapter leadership can help build and shape your career path, and how to make the most of your time serving as a local IABC board member. 

Check back regularly for additional breakout topics and presenter bios.

TRACK ONE: Leadership and Strategy

Leadership Skills for Communication Professionals

What does it take to lead a high-performing communication team, be valued as a trusted advisor and earn a place at the boardroom table?

Type “leadership” into any search engine and millions of results appear in a split second. Authors have written thousands of books, and virtually every ivy league university offers leadership training. While many key principles apply, leading a communication team or leading communication in an organization is slightly different. Discover how you can build and leverage your leadership style to be the trusted advisor

Presenter - Claire Watson

Social Responsibility – it’s more than the money

Today's consumers are looking for more than just high-quality products and services when they make a purchase. They're prioritizing corporate social responsibility (CSR), and holding corporations accountable for effecting social change with their business beliefs, practices and profits. (Business Newsweek Dec 2017)

CSR includes environmental and ethical workplace practices. In addition, it embraces the value and the requirements to make a difference in the lives of others. As a leader and a communication specialist it’s imperative that you work to make an impact within and outside the organization? Lives depend on it.

Presenter - Pam Klein

TRACK TWO: Communications

Digital Strategy: Successfully Reaching Your Audience via Social Media

As a business, how do you successfully reach an audience through social media? What type of strategy works best to grow your following and engagement levels? Digital media content creator and influencer Ashlyn George covers practical strategies to help businesses find success when connecting with consumers on a variety of social media platforms. 

Presenter - Ashlyn George 

Think Tank: Shaping our Challenges

Chapter leaders will engage in activities to identify issues and propose solutions to challenges facing chapters. Simply put, a think tank is a group of people who come together to discuss challenges and solutions. It is a live research instrument to identify issues and solve problems.

Presenter - Tamara Gillis

TRACK THREE: Board Management 

Adding Value through Strategic Leadership

Leading strategically in dynamic changing environment, has become a challenge of many non-for-profit governance (NFP) Boards.  Continually Boards are challenged with these questions:

·         what is the fundamental work of our Board to lead this organization?
·         how will this Board add value to the membership…is our focus even relevant?
·         how do we evaluate the effectiveness our governance?
·         how do we engage our members to become future leaders in out profession?

Directors should look to the work of their board and current best practices in governance to help them establish the strategic direction to advance the profession through the engagement of their membership.  How well are they fulfilling the IABC Vision – “To inspire and help our members achieve global communications excellence”?

Presenter - Laura Soparlo 

IABC 101

New IABC Leader? You are truly part of an international community. This not to be missed session is designed to orient you to of the internal workings of the International Association of Business Communicators and how the organization operates at the international, regional and chapter level. This session will give new leaders insights, information and valuable resources to help you develop as a leader, leverage great ideas and help you succeed. Get an inside view.

Presenter - Catherine Ducharme