Welcome your 2019/2020 IABC Regina Board

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Welcome your 2019/2020 IABC Regina Board

20-Aug-2019 Welcome to the 2019/2020 IABC-Regina Chapter program year. The board slate for this coming year was approved by membership vote in July and we're looking forward to delivering valuable professional development programming to our membership.

Welcome your 2019/2020 IABC Regina Board

President |  Joanne Kozlowski - City of Regina
Incoming President | Kate Abel - Government of Saskatchewan
Past President  |  Regan Halbert - Government of Saskatchewan
VP Membership | Shalyn Rousseau - Government of Saskatchewan
Director of Finance |  Jorge Colin - Harvard Property Management Inc.
VP Professional Development |  Sheena August - APEGS
Co-VP Technology |  Alyssa Leippi -  Government of Saskatchewan
Co-VP Technology |  Brett Kitchen -  Government of Saskatchewan
VP Communications | Matt Geiger  - Harvard Developments Inc.
Certification Chair |  Paula Kohl, ABC - Farm Credit Canada
Mentorship Chair | Anna Willey, ABC, MC, IABC Fellow - Total Communications Services Ltd.

Below are highlights from the 2018-19 program year.