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Interested in joining IABC Regina? Or are you already a member and want to volunteer with us? We’d love to hear from you. 

Calling All Potential Sponsors

Interested in increasing your profile and network with over 275 IABC Regina members and friends who are the best in Communications, PR, Marketing, Writing, Media Relations and Interactive?


26-Mar-2018 Dare to Lead 2018 is 10 weeks away! Join us in Regina May 25 to 27, 2018 an unforgettable weekend of development and networking.

10. You’ll be rubbing shoulders with some of the best professional communicators and change makers from across the wild west.
9. We’re going to lock you up in a secret room and see if you can puzzle your way out. Good luck with that.
8. It’s Memorial Cup weekend in Regina and the party’s on! Think of it as an endurance test. (Pack some morning-after meds.)
 7. You’ll grow that all-important professional network of yours - and get to meet some award-winning chapter leaders from Alberta, B.C., Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
6. You’ll finally get a chance to sample some of that “there’s-nothing-like-it” Saskatchewan hospitality. (And you thought we were flat and boring. Not!)
5. IABC Regina chapter will be celebrating 40 years. (Maybe refer to #8 above.)
4. You’ll get to enjoy top-drawer keynote presentations and three awesome breakout sessions – with a total of nine sessions to choose from.
3. You’ll be invited to a cool Saturday night dine-around hosted by IABC Regina chapter leaders. (Yep, see #8 again.)
2. If you choose to stay home your IABC Regina friends will be sorely disappointed and will probably come looking for you.
1. And last but not least, you simply cannot miss the opportunity to set foot in the only city in all the world that rhymes with fun. (We know you were all thinking it.)

Visit to register or learn more about the conference. We are asking all chapters to ensure their delegates register early so we can effectively plan a weekend to remember. Deadline to register is noon on Friday, May 11. Additional conference details will be provided to delegates in advance of the conference.