Spotlight on Saskatchewan: Regina communicators recognized for outstanding achievement

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Spotlight on Saskatchewan: Regina communicators recognized for outstanding achievement

21-Jan-2015 In case you haven’t heard, the winners of the prestigious Silver Leaf Awards for outstanding work in communication management and skills were announced by IABC’s Canadian western and eastern regions back in November, and once again Regina-based communicators brought home the hardware!

More than 140 entries were received from across Canada in a variety of categories including brand communications, internal communications, writing and issues management. Forty entries were honoured with a Silver Leaf, while 20 received the Award of Excellence and 20 the Award of Merit.  Here’s a rundown of our local winners, along with the projects that won them a Silver Leaf.

Farm Credit Canada
Agriculture More Than Ever
Award of Excellence - Communication Management - Community Relations

While FCC believes that agriculture’s future looks brighter than ever, their research shows that that isn’t necessarily what producers or the public are saying when they talk about the industry. 
So in June 2012 the company launched Ag More Than Ever, a national campaign to change the conversation and improve perceptions of Canadian agriculture. This multi-year initiative leverages social media, advertising, collateral and promotional merchandise, media relations, industry partnerships, internal and external communications, trade shows and other integrated marketing activities by encouraging people in the industry to tell the real, positive story about agriculture.

From 2010 (when FCC first conducted their research) to 2013, there were significant improvements in how likely producers were to use positive words such as big business, profitable, thriving, and so on to describe agriculture. At the same time, their selection of negative words like struggling, underpaid and under-recognized declined. 

For more information on Agriculture More Than Ever, visit 

Power to Grow Public Outreach Tour
Award of Merit - Communication Management - Community Relations

How do you increase awareness of the critical need to renew and rebuild Saskatchewan’s electrical infrastructure, and gain support at a time when SaskPower will need to invest approximately $1 billion a year for the foreseeable future to meet that challenge? And, how do you change perceptions about the need to invest in the electrical system when most people don’t think about the value of power or electricity issues? This was the challenge facing the SaskPower team. 

In July 2014, the team launched a public outreach tour that travelled to communities throughout Saskatchewan and included a futuristic inflatable tent providing a 360-degree experience, an electric vehicle fully wrapped in graphics illustrating the various sources of power in Saskatchewan, engaging interactive displays showing the aging electrical system and how difficult it is to generate power, and an ‘ideal home’ which demonstrated that demand for power is growing in households across the province. Because the tour’s primary audience was women age 25 to 54, it also included an experience for young children, allowing parents to learn while their children were being entertained and learning on their own.  

The tour made 118 tour stops in communities throughout Saskatchewan in December 2014. More than 18,000 people took part in the experience. A follow-up survey of event attendees found that 85 per cent of them agree that Saskatchewan is facing a power infrastructure challenge.

To learn more about Saskatchewan electrical infrastructure challenge, visit

2014 Safety Summit
Award of Merit - Communication Skills – Special Events, Internal

SaskPower has had a formal safety program since 2005. While the program has been successful in many ways, it has not resulted in consistently lower incident statistics. One possible reason is that research shows employees do not clearly understand their safety responsibilities are for the employees in their areas. So the SaskPower team decided to revamp an annual event – the Safety Summit attended by the company’s leadership team –to help leaders understand and fully commit to their responsibilities, so they could in turn clarify roles for the people on the frontlines.

To give attendees the chance to discuss the subject matter and ask questions where needed, the team decided to stick with a face-to-face event. Held over two half-days in May, the Safety Summit included multiple opportunities for all attendees to engage in dialogue, watch poignant videos that underscored the importance of safety, and listen to presentations from both the chief safety officer and the president and CEO of SaskPower. Through all parts of the agenda, the team took care to shift the tone of the summit from how to stay safe to why safety needs to be a priority at all levels, in order to engage the leaders on an emotional level.

In the post-event evaluation, 48 per cent of attendees strongly agreed and 50 per cent agreed they had a better understanding of their safety responsibilities at the end of the event. In addition, 34 per cent of attendees strongly agreed and 58 per cent agreed that they understood the safety department’s annual plan and how they could get behind it.

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