Message from Tim Buckley, 2013 Gold Quill chair

Welcome to the launch of the 2013 Gold Quill program, now bigger and better than ever before. I am delighted to invite you to submit your best work into a program that has been revamped from top to bottom to lift it even higher on the global communication stage.

This is Gold Quill's most exciting year since it was first launched. You now have:

From ensuring your work is only reviewed by trained evaluators to extending the Blue Ribbon panels across the world - in the UK, South Africa, Australia, Canada and the USA - this year's Gold Quill program is taking everything to another level.

You'll also find categories that align with all aspects of the business communication profession.

I really hope you enter your work.

Gold Quill benchmarks and celebrates the very best business and organisational communication across the globe and we can only do that if you step up to the plate and enter.

Find out more gq.iabc.com and enter the most exciting, far-reaching and dynamic communication awards program in the world today.

Best wishes
Tim Buckley
2013 Gold Quill chair