IABC Announces Branding Partnership with Canadian Advertising Firm, Arcas

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IABC Announces Branding Partnership with Canadian Advertising Firm, Arcas

The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) has announced a partnership with Arcas Advertising for the development of a new brand identity for the Association.

Arcas, based in Regina, Saskatchewan was the successful applicant following IABC’s public competition for an agency to undertake a brand refresh campaign as a pro bono project.

Russell Grossman MSc, ABC, IABC Chair, said he was very pleased with the appointment of the Canadian firm and excited to see the final results from Arcas.

“The creation of a new brand identity for IABC is the final piece of work over the last 12 months by the Association’s Branding Taskforce which has been looking at the IABC value proposition from end to end,” he said.

“IABC’s current branding doesn't reflect the dynamic, fast-paced organisation we are. In selecting Arcas, we were particularly impressed by their experience in creating holistic brand identities that align with business goals.”

Mike Woroniak, Chief Creative Officer and Managing Partner, said that Arcas was pleased to have the opportunity to work with IABC’s unique global presence.

“Having worked with the organization previously on a local and regional level, we are honoured to have been selected as IABC’s partner on this exciting global branding initiative,” he said. “We currently have our team working through a wealth of research findings to help formulate the foundation of a brand design solution that can ultimately work across IABC’s diverse scope of global membership, numerous chapters and target audiences.”

The multinational IABC Branding Taskforce has been conducting research to create recommendations for IABC’s future brand identity. It is led by Priya Bates ABC MC, who has worked with regions, chapters and focus groups in various settings to understand what best fits the modern IABC identity.

“IABC is certainly well-recognized in the communication profession,” Priya said. “However there is an opportunity to define our brand in a way that recognizes our global impact, leadership and strength in creating connections between members, diverse communication practitioners, and business leaders.”

Members of the Brand Taskforce include: Alain Legault (Canada), Bonnie Caver (USA), Dianne Chase (USA), Maliha Aqeel (Canada), Maria Constantinescu (Canada), Megan Wolfinger (Canada), Mike Jenkins (USA), Pat Kilduff (USA – IABC staff), Robin McCasland (USA – past IABC Chair), Sharon Habib (Canada), Tessa O’Neill (UK), and Zora Artis (Australia).

About IABC:
The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) enables a global network of communicators working in diverse industries and disciplines to identify, share, and apply the world’s best communication practices. IABC is recognized as the professional association of choice for communicators who aspire to excel in their chosen fields. For more information, visit http://www.iabc.com.

ABC = Accredited Business Communicator

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Director Communication & Member Services, IABC
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