Local IABC members gathered for the chance to get the scoop about some of the things happening at IABC International. The many developments include the creation of the Career Road Map, enhancements to the Gold Quill Awards program and changes to the Accreditation program. 

Members are encouraged to read the IABC Quarterly Strategy Update for the most in-depth insights and details.

IABC/Regina is fortunate to have local members at the forefront of some of these exciting new developments. Anna Willey, ABC, MC, is leading the creation of the new Career Road Map and Claire Watson, ABC, APR, is leading the evolution of the Gold Quill Awards program. Thanks to Anna, Claire and the IABC/Regina Board for the following updates and highlights about the developments at IABC International. 

Career Road Map 

In order to align with IABC’s Global Standards, volunteer committee members have developed a new Career Road Map for communications professionals. Six core principles have been identified for the communications profession, along with some career milestones and key learnings to assist professional communicators grow their knowledge, skills and expertise through the progress of their career. More information about the Career Road Map can be found in the summary below and in the IABC Quarterly Strategy Update

In 2009/10 a team of IABC International volunteers began extensive research to inform how IABC could provide a program and supports for members in their career development and lifelong learning process. Following the research, the volunteer committee evaluated its findings and a strategy that aligns to IABC’s focus and three pillars was developed. The IEB officially instituted the Career Road Map project in 2011, with ongoing work taking into consideration the changes occurring with IABC’s awards program and accreditation/certification program for alignment and consistency within all of these IABC offerings. With substantial foundational work completed to date, the project is now focusing on a competency framework, competency assessment tools, and developing the learning curriculum. For a detailed explanation of the Career Road Map’s six core principles, career milestones, and the competencies and curriculum currently in development, read the IABC Quarterly Strategy Update. 

Watch for IABC International to provide further details on the implementation of this exciting Career Road Map program and how it aligns with other IABC programs to recognize, grow and celebrate our work as communications professionals.


Gold Quill Awards Program 

The enhancements to the Gold Quill Awards are making the process easier and more rewarding for applicants. Extended deadlines, online entries and expanded categories are just some of the ways the new program is better meeting the needs of members. Also key to the revamping of the awards includes changes to the evaluation process. Applicants can rest assured that entries will be reviewed by certified evaluators and that valuable feedback will be provided on all areas of the entries. 

Check out the Gold Quill website to learn more about the awards.

Accreditation Program 

IABC International is in the process of reviewing and revamping the accreditation program. Recently IABC/BC hosted an accreditation webinar with the IABC Accreditation Committee. Learn about new options and a revised timeline for current accreditation candidates, and get an update about the progress on developing new credential criteria for the program.

Both the Accreditation Update Webinar Recording and handout are available on the IABC website: www.iabc.com/abc

In addition to the IABC updates, members got to celebrate IABC/Regina’s Chapter Management Awards.   IABC International provides a free one-year membership to chapter of the year winners. Get the Scoop attendees were entered into a draw for that free one-year membership and Ashley Dopko was chosen as the lucky winner. 

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the Get the Scoop event! If members have any questions about IABC program changes they are encouraged to contact IABC International or local Chapter President, Zamira Vicenzino.