06-Dec-2012 In 2013, there will be a cost-based dues increase of 2 percent, which will raise international dues for members by US$5/CDN$5/AUS$5/€4 or less. As required by a board motion from 2003, the IABC executive board conducted its annual review of consumer price index statistics and determined a 2 percent increase was necessary. The increase allows IABC to keep up with costs in order to maintain the same quality of programs, service and membership benefits, as well as invest in new programs. While no one likes increases in dues or for any services, the board's decision to make small adjustments on an annual basis eliminates the need for large "correctional" increases on an infrequent basis. 

Members can avoid the dues increase if they renew their membership (regardless of when their membership comes up for renewal) before 31 December 2012 at www.iabc.com/renew, by calling +1.415.544.4700 or by downloading a form and faxing it to IABC headquarters.