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Why join IABC?

There are many great benefits to being an IABC member for communications professionals at any stage of their careers. If you've ever found yourself wondering 'why join IABC?', check out the following blog post from our colleagues at IABC/NewJersey.

Non-members often ask this question when they attend our events. The answer they get are numerous and vary depending on who is being asked. So, we decided to formally record these answers by posing the question to a few current IABC NJ members (including some board members, such as myself). You can watch this brief insightful video here. In addition to my answer in the video and the others from my colleagues, I want to offer an alternative perspective too.

If you're a professional communicator - if this is the career that you're looking to advance in, either in a corporate position or as a consultant or freelancer - then I would turn the question around and ask "Why wouldn't you join the IABC?"

If you don't want to build an extensive network of communication colleagues throughout the NY/NJ area and even beyond (we're international and there are opportunities to network at that level), then don't join the IABC...

If you don't want to have the opportunity to take member-only classes and training sessions, attend professional development programs at discounted prices, or socialize with the best in the business at networking events, then don't join the IABC.

Obviously I'm being a bit sardonic, but if you care about your career then joining a professional society is an important step. For instance, a civil engineer doesn't think twice about joining the American Society of Civil Engineers (I happen to know many of them), as do CPAs with respect to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. So why should it be any different for a communication professional? It's an instant sign that you're serious about your career and that no matter how good you are you know that you can be even better by participating in an organization dedicated to your success and that of your profession.

But most of all, you get to meet really nice, cool, smart people, who can teach you a lot, and that is invaluable!

Rob Caldera
Past President, IABC NJ
July 2014

We couldn't have said it better ourselves! To learn more about the value of being a member, or to join IABC/Regina today visit our Membership homepage.