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Membership Dues

What happens to my membership fees?

Ever wonder where your annual membership fees go and how they are disseminated through the various levels of IABC?

IABC membership is $309. 

The bulk of your membership fee ($254) goes to IABC International to cover offerings that are available to all members, like World Conference, webinars, Discovery, resources on the IABC International website at, Communication World magazine, etc.

The rest of your fees go to your region (Canada West Region) at $20 and your chapter (IABC/Regina) at $35. Canada West Region is made up six chapters. They provide support to boards through leadership development, professional development, and programs and sponsorship. They also offer professional development opportunities to members through the Silver Leaf awards and regional conferences.

IABC/Regina supports about 170 members and is committed to providing quality programs and services that educate, engage and inform. We strive to provide value to our members through a variety of networking, learning and mentorship opportunities through channels like professional development luncheons, coffeehouse chats, the Mentorship Challenge, and provide access to the international community of communicators.

Got questions about membership dues? Contact IABC Member Relations.

Phone: + 1 (415) 544-4700 | Toll free: + 1 (800) 776-4222