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Honouring the past and guiding the future

IABC closed the Accreditation Program in 2013. The IABC Accreditation Program offered rigorous peer review and portfolio assessment to determine the knowledge and experience of each candidate. Communicators who achieved the ABC designation demonstrate mastery in several key communications domains, including strategy, measurement and ethics. IABC Regina has many accredited members who offer their strategic communications expertise to employers in Saskatchewan and beyond. ABCs continue to offer mentorship and direction to our chapter, nationally and internationally, and we salute them for their accomplishments.

IABC now offers a certification program, which will offer four levels of certification to professional communicators. Many ABCs were involved in guiding the vision for this new program continue to be instrumental in its development. Learn more about the new certification program.

 IABC Regina accredited members (CMP)

Trudy Bosch, CMP
Janelle Cannon, CMP
Diane Ell, CMP
Natosha Lipinski, CMP
Jonathan Tremblay, CMP
Megan Wolfinger, CMP

IABC  Regina accredited members (ABC)

Lanis Anthony
Jennifer Arends
Pamela Bristol
Deanne Cairns
Cory Chalk
Robert Ellis
Richard Fink
Kellie Garrett
Lynn Gidluck
Leslie Gosselin
Patrick Hall
Colleen Hawkesford
Bonnie Hilts
Julianne Jack
Dale Johnson
Wendy Johnson
Moses Kanhai
Richard Kies
Paula Kohl
Leanna Jenkins
Tim Kydd
Myrna Stark Leader
Melanie Lightfoot
Tasha Lupanko
Peter Mayne
Deborah McEwen
Rodney McLean
C. Anne Mowat
Ellen Parsons
Tony Playter
Irene Rau
Joe Ralko
Alyssa Robinson
Keri Schwebius
Chris Shauf
Marjorie Strandlund
Carol Todd
Claire Watson
Debbie Wilkie
Virginia Wilkinson
Anna Willey